Let’s talk about Gut Health

These are signs of a poor gut health –
acidity, abnormal stomach acid, H.pylori,, recurring bloating, and constipation

Below are some tips on what messes our gut health and how to improve gut health with sfood and lifestyle changes.

What messes up your gut health?

👉 Having a diet of Junk and processed foods.

👉 Living a Sedentary lifestyle.

👉 Chronic emotional stress.

👉 Sleep deprivation.

👉 Self-medicating yourself

👉 Overdosing & taking antibiotics without probiotics or vitamin B complex.

How to heal your gut.

👉 Eat a rainbow of fruit & veg.

👉 Cut down on refind sugars.

👉 Inculde more Whole grains into your diet.

👉 Don’t do to fat diets for extreme lose weight.

Other gut-friendly foods

✅ unsalted nuts (almonds and pistachios are best)

✅ Yogurt is an natural probiotic to populate your gut.

✅ Mushrooms are rich in beta-glucan and excellent for the gut.

✅ Over night soaked oats are the best, they are an excellent sources of beta-glucan and high in fibre that promotes gut health and keeps fuller for a longer time.

✅ Lean protein is an excellent source for someone that has poor gut health. like chicken, fish.

✅ For severe gut problems, following a plant-based diet for a month will reduce inflammation, repair thr gut and then slowly

✅ Triphala is more then a lexative. It is amazing for the gut while allowing to pass motions easily.

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