Making Healthy Juices

I love making healthy juices as a supplement to my diet. I love the taste, and feel so much better inside when I drink one of my health juices.

To get started with juicing at home I would recommend investing in a good juicer – it doesn’t have to be expensive! A Juicer will ‘juice’ your fruit/veg and separate the pulp from it; you throw out the pulp and drink the juice! Simple. 

Here are a few good options for juicers:

The above range of Juicers are all good quality and at different price ranges to suit your budget. All my juice recipes are created using a juicer. I usually use my blender to make smoothies or my Nutribullet which is also a blender that blends. It has all the pulp in it regardless of how much you blend it. It can’t turn into juice unless you separate the juice from the pulp.

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